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How Does it Work?

It's simple. Just share your Affiliate Link promoting our Free Mobile Prospecting App with your teammates, industry friends, or any small business owners. After experiencing the benefits of our free mobile app, many will be interested in other products and services we offer, and a percentage will sign up for the Pro or Premier editions of our complete Digital Marketing Platform. And when they do, you'll get Paid!

And not just the once... you'll get Paid residually for life! Whenever their Pro or Premier subscription renews, or whenever they make a qualifying purchase from within their account, you'll earn a commission.

There are 3 ways to Get Paid

As a Networker Central Affiliate, you can earn commissions in 3 ways:

  • System Subscriptions (up to 40%)
  • Traffic and Lead Purchases (up to 30%)
  • Infinity Team Share Bonuses ($1.00 per Share)

The Networker Central Affiliate Program has six commission levels - Affiliate, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond level. These levels will determine your rank, and ultimately, your commission percentages at each of these levels (see charts below).

System Subscriptions

Earn up to 40% on all of your personal referrals, when they purchase a Networker Central Pro or Premier subscription!

Commission Levels On System Subscriptions

Traffic & Lead Commissions

Earn up to 30% on all of your personal referrals, when they purchase a Traffic or Leads package from within their Networker Central back office!

Commission Levels On Leads & Traffic

Infinity Team Share Bonuses

Once you reach our Platinum Rank or higher, you'll unlock another amazing bonus... our Infinity Team Share Bonus! This is designed for Leaders, Trainers, Content Creators, Designers or Developers. By adding free, value-added content to our system, and making that available to others, you can earn an Infinity Override.

For example, let's say you've successfully built your business with TikTok, and have created a 7 day video course showing others how to do the same. When others use your Share Code to access this content, you'll earn an override commission for each month they access and use your materials. And this isn't limited to your personal referrals either. You'll earn $1 per month, per user, for ALL subscribers accessing your code.

Bonus Levels $1 Infinity Team Share Bonus

Rank Qualifications

Your Rank will determine your commission percentages, and your eligibility to participate in our bonus programs. It's simple... the more your Refer, the more you Get Paid!

There are 6 Ranks available, and as you meet the qualification requirements, you'll tap into those higher commissions.

The numbers to the right of the rank level refers to the total number of personally referred PRO or PREMIER customers you have for the given month, which is calculated on the last day of the month. As your referred customer base grows, so does your rank. With just 100 customers for example, you’ll reach the Diamond Level, earning you a 40% Commission on all of your personally referred customers, and a 30% commission on any Traffic or Lead purchases they make!

This is not just new customers either. As your existing customers renew their subscription each month, they will also be included in this calculation!

Rank Advancements

Whatever rank you achieve by months end, will be the level that your commission is paid on for that qualifying calendar month and the following month too! That means that you have all month to reach a rank, and then you’ll be retroactively promoted and paid at that rank on all the referrals you accumulated that month. Plus, you’ll be guaranteed payout at that new rank for the next month too, even if your rank decreases!

Rank Locks

Consistency pays! Maintain a Rank Level for 3 consecutive months and your Rank will be Locked in at that level FOREVER. You can only go up from here! Your Rank will never decrease, even if your customer count drops in the future.

Getting Started Options

Joining the Networker Central Affiliate Program is easy, and completely FREE for anyone to join, but there is a promotion that can literally TRIPLE YOUR COMMISSIONS and get you off to a faster start.

With our KICKSTART PROMOTION you can start out at the BRONZE, SILVER, or GOLD LEVELS, and Lock in those higher commission percentages for up to 1 Year! Just purchase a PRO or PREMIER subscription for yourself, and lock in this promotion.

Starting with the PRO or PREMIER Monthly Plans will give you a Boost, starting you out at the Bronze and Silver Ranks respectively for your first 90 days, which at a minimum DOUBLES your Commission. But it gets better than that. Starting with the PRO or PREMIER Annual Plans is even better. You’ll start out at the Silver or Gold ranks respectively, and guarantee you that Rank for a FULL YEAR.

Starting with the PREMIER Annual Plan is clearly the most advantageous way to start. You’ll start at the Gold Rank, which earns you 3X the Subscription Commissions, a full 30%, guaranteed for the first year, right from day one!

The Networker Central KICKSTART PROMOTION is the perfect way to give yourself a big boost to your affiliate earnings.

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